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Televising, Jetting & Rodding

When your plumbing or sewer system stops draining water, you recognize quickly what a problem it can be. It’s one that needs to be solved as fast as possible by the proper professional.

Contact a sewer specialist with the correct training and equipment. Solving your issue may require sewer televising, jetting and rodding. If you are a residential customer, all of these services can be particularly valuable for an older home with an aged plumbing and sewer system.

Televising, Jetting and Rodding

Sewer Televising

Televising involves feeding a 200-foot push reel with a camera lens into the pipe to identify the obstruction. The camera can see if a greater problem might be developing as well. If so, you can be proactive in solving it now instead of reactive in dealing with it later, when it can be much more severe.

We can also use the camera to find your sewer system and determine its design and operation. This can be especially useful if you have a commercial sewer system such as for industrial use, property management or a homeowners association.

Sewer Jetting

Once we know the situation in your pipe, the next step may be jetting (sewer flushing). With this procedure, we power-wash the pipe with a highly pressurized hose. This cleans it and removes blockages such as sludge, oils, grease and discarded waste without damaging the pipe.

Sewer Rodding

Another way to clear a clog is by rodding it (also known as snaking or rootering). Sewer rodding involves sending a steel cable with an attachment head into your sewer or drain system. As the rodder moves through it, the machine’s motor spins the rodder’s cable and head.

The goal is to rod the sewer or drain to its designated point. For example, if we’re rodding your sewer, we want to rod it all the way to the septic tank or the city sanitary sewer. If we’re rodding a line that branches from your system, such as for your kitchen sink or bathroom tub or shower, we’ll want to rod it to the sewer.

Your Ready Backup When the Water Backs Up

Upon arriving to support you, we will spend time talking with you, inspecting your system and learning more about your situation. With the right questions and observations, we will help you decide the action plan that will best serve you.

Most televising, jetting and rodding providers are not equipped to perform both tasks in succession onsite. Rather, if they conclude another service is needed, they will have to return with separate equipment, which often delays your solution.

Sewer Sharks’ mobile service center includes everything to diagnose and fix your problem right then and there. Should your situation call for more than one service, we can combine them for you in one package as well.

Professional, Efficient, Knowledgeable, Clean: Contact Us Today

You have little time to spare when your water starts to back up. Go straight to the source that can solve your issue with the right equipment and the least delay and trouble. We’ll be ready to discuss the sewer televising, jetting or rodding you might need.

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  • Access to a live technician at all times
  • Boot covers and disposable gloves worn on arrival; also a face mask if requested
  • Complete cleaning and sanitizing of the work area after completion of service

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