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As a professional-services customer, you understand that different factors determine whether you have a satisfying experience you would return to. Sometimes you might be pleased with certain aspects of a service but displeased with others.

Sewer Sharks has invested the resources, thought and time-tested practice into ensuring you are served in every way that matters to you.

When you are consulting a sewer specialist, you want your service provider to be professional, efficient, knowledgeable and clean.


Customers consult a business for exact solutions to specific problems. They also want to work with one that adheres to high standards of performance and conduct.

We understand that each time we serve you, you expect us to be punctual, courteous and competent. You further require clarity of services rendered.

Equally important, you want your provider to communicate with you as often as needed before, during and after the service visit.


Having solved so many different sewer issues, we know the exact equipment and procedures needed to fix a problem with speed and precision.

You can see that efficiency simply by looking at our truck, which we made to be a service shop on wheels. We designed and equipped it ourselves to be ready for any type of sewer complication. Because our truck always has everything needed to unclog your sewer or drain, we can accurately identify and correct your problem much faster.


Knowledge is the product of study and application. Almost two decades of field experience have honed our insight into how sewer systems operate, as well as how they malfunction.

We have worked with diverse sewer equipment in many scenarios and come across nearly every kind of backup. This has taught us how widely sewer issues can range and what is required to solve them, including factors and details that can be easily overlooked.


Professional sewer service includes respect for others’ space and property. Nobody wants to deal with a mess left behind at a worksite.

Sewer Sharks arrives at each site with proper tarps and cleaning supplies to ensure it is free of clutter and dirt after we’re done. We also sanitize the completed work area.

We likewise wear boot covers and disposable gloves on arrival and will wear a face mask if requested.

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