Kitchen Sink Backup Kitchen Sink Backup

Kitchen Sink Backup

You’re washing the dishes in your kitchen sink, and the water level starts rising. You open the drain and even run the disposal, but the sink remains backed up.

Kitchen sink drains back up because over time fats, oils, grease and soaps (known as F.O.G.S. in the plumbing industry) build in the piping. They typically don’t travel far before becoming a mass that sticks to the pipe walls. (Imagine a tube packed with mashed potatoes.)

Some homeowners might first try clearing the clog themselves. You can start with the sink trap by placing a bucket beneath it and loosening the slip nuts slowly with channel locks or a small pipe wrench. Draining it slowly with a bucket is important because the clog’s back pressure can create a large spill when you undo the slip nuts.

kitchen sink backupIf that doesn’t solve the problem, you might be able to clear the blockage with a plunger or an auger (also called a snake) from a home improvement store. Don’t use chemical drain cleaners, as they are highly corrosive and can damage the pipe.

Should that still not work, you can rod (snake) to the drainage system’s 2” pipe. Your cable also needs to run the full pipe length. If it does not, your efforts won’t be worthwhile.

Sewer Sharks can rod all the way to the system’s 3” or 4” pipe for even more-certain results. We will also show you how we are resolving the kitchen sink backup – you will be able to hear the cable spinning in the 3” or 4” pipe.

Your Ready Backup When the Water Backs Up

Sewer Sharks provides you with swift and skilled correction of kitchen sink drainage. Because we’ve removed so many blockages for area homes (especially those built with a basement in the late 90s and after), we are highly familiar with what to look for and where. You can even say it’s a second nature for us.

If you contact us to resolve a kitchen sink backup, you can expect to reach a live technician (not a maze-like menu or an answering service). We will ensure a full understanding between you and us of both the issue at hand and the appointment details.

When we arrive, we will:

  • be equipped with a tool bucket, tarps, a Ridgid® K-50 drain rodder (snake) and a cleaning bucket (we will also wear a face mask if requested)
  • lay the tarp and set up the drain rodder
  • disassemble the sink trap
  • determine where the kitchen sink connects with the sewer
  • rod the kitchen drain line to that point

After rodding the drain, we will reassemble your sink trap, run the water and take you to where you can hear it running into the sewer.

To conclude, we will thoroughly clean and sanitize the work site and continue running the water for additional confirmation that your kitchen sink is no longer backed up.

Professional, Efficient, Knowledgeable, Clean: Contact Us Today

If you can’t clear a clog in your sink, it’s good to know you have a local professional that can right away. We’ll be ready to discuss how to fix your kitchen sink backup.

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