Sewer and Drain Service Oswego IL Sewer and Drain Service Oswego IL

Sewer and Drain Service Oswego IL

The sewer and drain system at your Oswego home or business is vital, yet like anything else out of view, it can be quickly forgotten.

Water that backs up often creates a major problem that must be solved right away. It can halt crucial functions such as cooking, bathing or using the restroom. It can also damage or destroy space and property.

Properly maintaining your Oswego drain and sewer system is an art form mastered by few. Sewer Sharks serves you with the right mix of instinct and skill shaped by hands-on experience with vast sewer equipment and scenarios.

The solution you need in Oswego is second nature to us. Save time, stress and money with artists of drain and sewer performance.

Oswego IL Sewer Televising, Rodding & Jetting

When your plumbing or sewer system in Oswego stops draining water, the issue should be resolved as soon as possible by the proper professional. Being proactive in solving it now instead of reactive in dealing with it later can save you a lot of trouble and cost.

Your initial instinct may be to contact a plumber, but what you need is a sewer specialist with the correct training and equipment. Your solution may require sewer televising, jetting or rodding or all three procedures.

  • Televising involves feeding a 200-foot push reel with a camera lens into the pipe to identify the obstruction, as well as if a greater problem might be developing. We can use the camera to find your sewer system and determine its design and operation as well.
  • Jetting (sewer flushing) is power-washing the pipe with a highly pressurized hose. This cleans the pipe and removes blockages such as sludge, oils, grease and discarded waste without damaging it.
  • Rodding (snaking or rootering) involves sending a steel cable with an attachment head into the sewer or drain As the rodder moves through it, the machine’s motor spins the rodder’s cable and head. The goal is to rod the sewer or drain to its designated point such as the septic tank or the city sanitary sewer.

Oswego IL Kitchen Sink Backup

You’re washing the dishes in your kitchen sink, and the water level starts rising. You open the drain and even run the disposal, but the sink remains backed up.

Kitchen sink drains back up because over time fats, oils, grease and soaps (known as F.O.G.S. in the plumbing industry) build in the piping. They typically don’t travel far before becoming a mass that sticks to the pipe walls. (Imagine a tube packed with mashed potatoes.)

Sewer Sharks can clear your drain swiftly and efficiently by rodding all the way to the system’s 3” or 4” pipe. We will also show you how we are resolving your kitchen sink backup – you will be able to hear the cable spinning in the 3” or 4” pipe.

Oswego IL Drain and Sewer Service: Professional, Efficient, Knowledgeable, Clean

As a professional-services customer, you understand that different factors determine whether you have a satisfying experience you would return to. Sometimes you might be pleased with certain aspects of a service but displeased with others.

Sewer Sharks has invested the resources, thought and time-tested practice into ensuring you are served in every way that matters to you.  Our pillars of service excellence are professional, efficient, knowledgeable and clean. To find out more about what that means and why it’s so important, simply contact us at (331) 999-3700. 

There’s also a good chance you’ll see our mobile service center when it passes through your neighborhood. You can’t miss it – just look for the Sewer Sharks logo!

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