Sewer and Drain Service Naperville IL Sewer and Drain Service Naperville IL

Sewer and Drain Service Naperville IL

Few of us spend much time thinking about the sewer and drain system at our home or business. But as soon as it stops working, we find out how much we rely on it – and realize how fast we have to fix it.

Backed-up or obstructed water flow can create a major problem that must be solved right away. It can halt crucial functions such as cooking, bathing or using the restroom. It can also damage or destroy space and property.

Sewer Sharks solves drain or sewer issues with the right mix of instinct and skill shaped by experience with vast sewer equipment and scenarios. Save time, stress and money with artists of drain and sewer performance in Naperville.

Sewer Televising, Rodding & Jetting / Naperville IL

When your plumbing or sewer system in Naperville malfunctions, being proactive in solving it now can save you a lot of trouble and cost. Your first instinct may be to contact a plumber, but what you need is a sewer specialist with the correct equipment and training.

Your solution may require sewer televising, jetting or rodding or all three procedures.

With televising, a 200-foot push reel with a camera lens is fed into the pipe to identify the obstruction. The camera can also determine if a bigger problem might be developing, as well as locate your sewer system and determine its design and operation.

Jetting (sewer flushing)is the power-washing ofthe pipe with a highly pressurized hose. This cleans the pipe and removes blockages such as sludge, oils, grease and discarded waste without damaging it.

With rodding (snaking or rootering), a steel cable with an attachment head is sent into your drain or sewer system. As the rodder moves through it, the machine’s motor spins the rodder’s cable and head. The goal is to rod the sewer or drain to its designated point such as the septic tank or the city sanitary sewer.

Kitchen Sink Backup / Naperville IL

Whether at home or at work, we use the kitchen (or break room) sink every day. Over time, it can back up as fats, oils, grease and soaps (known as F.O.G.S. in the plumbing industry) build in the piping. They often don’t travel far before becoming a mass that sticks to the pipe walls. (Think of a tube packed with mashed potatoes.)

Sewer Sharks can clear your drain swiftly and efficiently by rodding all the way to the system’s 3” or 4” pipe. We will also show you how we are resolving your kitchen sink backup – you will be able to hear the cable spinning in the 3” or 4” pipe.

Naperville IL Service: Professional, Efficient, Knowledgeable, Clean

As a customer, you understand that different factors determine whether you have a satisfying experience you would return to. Sometimes you might be pleased with certain aspects of a service but less so with others.

Having served Naperville with sewer and drain solutions for so long, Sewer Sharks has invested resources, thought and time-tested practice into defining and refining the service points that matter to you.

Our pillars of service excellence are professional, efficient, knowledgeable and clean. To learn more about what that means and why it’s so important to you, simply contact us at (331) 999-3700.

Also be on the lookout for our mobile service center when it passes through your neighborhood. You’ll spot us by our Sewer Sharks logo!

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The drain or sewer service you need in Naperville includes the qualities and convenience you want. If you’re ever in a bind with your water system, we will be glad to hear from you and discuss how we can help you.

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